The coaches and the community they've created is what keeps me coming back every morning. I love my CrossFit Family.
Mikayla C.
Being a Pilates instructor & personal trainer for over 20 years, I was ready for an educated, safe & challenging approach and a way to spark my "retirement" routine for strength & conditioning. I have absolutely gotten that and more...the camaraderie was an unexpected bonus!!
Bobbi B.
I just started out and finished foundations. I'm amazed at how much cardio and strength training can be packed into 15 minutes.
Joe K.
I feel stronger and healthier overall. I get something out of each class. It's always a great workout and the coaches and other people who come are super nice.
Corrie B.
I am more confident,stronger mentally and physically,the support system is amazing all around the gym .
Kelly W.
At 52, I am able to do pull ups now. I'm lifting weights with better form and heavier than ever! Our box focuses on functional movements with and without weights. I customize my workouts to my ability and energy level when necessary. We have great Knowledgeable coaches!
Bryant A.
Since I have joined I've become a lot more confident, and feel stronger both physically and mentally.
Sophie H.
I am so much stronger in my biking, climbing and skiing. My physical and mental strength gains are still crushing barriers I never thought I could achieve, at work and my personal persuits.
Amanda T.
Swift River Cross Fit has enabled me to achieve a new level of fitness that I did not find elsewhere. In an environment that encourages all fitness levels and goals regardless of age and ability.
Heather T.
I push myself harder physically and mentally since I started Swift River. This place is more than a gym but a second home.
Kristin L.
Since I joined the gym, I am stronger physically, got more energy and my clothes fit better ūüôā
Karolina B.

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