Movement Therapy


Movement Therapy

Do you have chronic pain, muscle tightness, balance or sleep issues? Movement therapy might be the answer – Applied Movement Neurology (AMN) is a non-invasive system that uses feedback from your nervous system to identify and resolve excess tension, inhibited muscles and more. Jim has experience coaching CrossFit and is a certified practitioner of AMN, a combination of functional neurology, complex movement, bio-electricity and integrative medicine.

What to Expect?

Jim will test your balance, muscle strength and movement to set a baseline and get an understanding of your issues. He will then assess and calibrate your nervous system function using touch, muscle testing and piezo tapping. As he calibrates different areas, you will retest against the baseline to determine how much you have improved and whether issues require further calibration. Jim will then teach you movement drills that you can use to reinforce treatment. Many people see significant improvement in just one session! More complex cases can normally be resolved in 6 or fewer sessions.

Recent Feedback

“Well I can’t say thank you enough to you about helping me yesterday. Today was the first day since January 8, 2017 that I got out of bed put my feet on the floor and didn’t cry from pain in my feet.”  – Shelley C, Colebrook, NH

“I don’t know what he did, but I haven’t slept this well in 10 years.”  – Ken L, Pittsburg, NH

“Jim’s intuitive knowledge and client relationship with me enabled my body to seek relief from concussion symptoms that I have endured for quite some time. His movements and therapies are gentle, effective and non invasive. I experienced results instantaneously during our session together. His expertise has improved my mobility and performance” – Heather T

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